About myself:

From a young age, the textile work forms a common thread in my life.
That passion has been passed down through the female branch in my family from generation to generation.
I have specialized in felting, both wet felting and dry felting, especially sculpting with wool and felt.
I like to make abstract 3D sculptures in which I use fibers, wood, metal and other materials in addition to wool as the main component.
My sculptures often have an alienating effect because the material evokes something different from a distance than up close.
A frequently recurring theme in my work is 'connection'.
Connection with others who may or may not be there and are connected to myself.
I incorporate human emotions and social themes into my images.


Curriculum vitae:

2020-2023          Course "Storing AUB" traject 1, 2 en 3
2021                   Course "Beeldtaal Marjolein van der Stoep"
2016-2017          Dutch Felt Academy
2019                   Dutch Felt Academy Master
   -  Workshop Marjolein Dallinga
   -  Poked felt masterclass
   -  Masterclass handpuppets
2007                   Handicraft training Helicon
2007-2017          Teacher Textile Arts Waldorfschool De Noorderkroon Enschede
2017-heden        Teacher Textile Arts Waldorfschool De Zevenster Oldenzaal
2007-2018          Workshops Temari